How/Where to contact me!

Website NameTime est
Main art discord I'm almost always online0-1 hours
Joystick.TV Stream Discord0-1 hours
Toyhouse I refresh multiple times a day1-3 hours
Vgen I get emails when I have messages and such2-5 hours
Deviantart I check a few times a day4-6 hours
🔞Twitter I rarely check here, tbh12-36 hours
🔞Twitter Joystick Streaming Twitter for Sol an I12-36 hours
Art Fight Almost never check here unless it's summer3-7 days

Where can you see Comm availability/options?

Website Name
Basic Art Take a look and see if you like anything
Emotes/Stickers I have been having fun with these!
Vgen I'm willing to do a private bundle listing! Just message me~
Ko-Fi Same as with Vgen

Other Links

Site🔞 nsfw streams! Usually gaming, could be art
Amazon Wishlist Just things I want on Amazon
Throne Another option if you wish to gift me things
Steam wishlist Any games will primarily be played on streams~<3